What is going on?
In order to decide which activities should be executed, an inspection will be done first. Sometimes one telephone call to SOS is sufficient to delineate the problem, but in complex cases a note will be made in an inspection report that includes images, the advised solution and an action plan.

Detecting odor nuisance is difficult and complex. Using smoke to simulate odor usually finds the cause quickly. SOS has sophisticated equipment to pinpoint step-by-step the location of a problem.  This prevents unnecessary digging or crushing activities and high costs.

It can occur that there is no problem, but that is seems necessary to create a chart of the sewer system.  That is also one of the possibilities.

Mapping the necessary activities also includes looking at the consequences of a calamity.   If for example the gutter is blocked, it usually means that the (underground) pipes are blocked as well.  These activities are also clarified for the customer.